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Margot Fontaine

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Feb. 20th, 2001 | 02:37 am
mood: artisticartistic
music: Loft - Don't Stop Me Now (Edited Remix)

I went to the Metropolitan Opera House today at Lincoln center in order to get tickets to see Mozart's Die Zauberflote (and I first wrote motzart not mozart) and I wandered through the Metropolitan Opera shop. I came accross a picture of Margot Fontaine and it made me feel good. Because her knees aren't hyperextended straight, her feet weren't gorgeous and her legs weren't long and beautiful and yet she is one of the most famous ballet dancers of all time because of her passion and her stage presence.

It was reassuring. It felt good to know that people watching are looking for more than perfect technique in dance. And more than perfect bodies -- maybe not in the professional world today because there are so many perfect bodies out there, but at least at one time there was the person who just really wanted it and even though her body wasn't ideal, she made it as her career because she loved it. That made so much sense to me. And it was so reassuring to me... that I can be a good dancer and I can be beautiful and make people watch me just by showing my passion on stage. I don't know. It was one of those times when I just suddenly felt good about myself and my body and what I am. And I can be proud of the fact that I have some shape instead of being the teeny tiny twig-like stick that is the shape people want to see.

Not that I'm going to change my mind and be a ballet dancer because of course that's not my goal in life, plan or any other such thing. But it felt good to have an example to look at to say "if this were my dream, I COULD do it."

"Don't Stop Me Now" by Loft has been making me happy today. It so perfectly describes how I was feeling about Matt earlier it's not even funny.

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