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there are times at which cooperative living is not a good time

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Nov. 25th, 2000 | 04:22 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed

I have no time to write. My brother is being an idiot and insisting that he must call his friends now... We have a zillion phone lines in the house, there's no good reason why he can't use one of the other ones in his room if it in fact really is THAT important.

I miss my ethernet.

My cousins came today... it was annoying to not know when they were planning to show up here, but they did get here at a reasonable time and life was good and all that. It was fun to see them (although I must admit, I am a bit tired now. But, c'est la vie.)

I watched my dance recital last night... I watched my solo. Technically imperfect at a couple points, but I did see when I was watching it why it made people cry. Because whatever mistakes I may have noticed in myself weren't obvious on the tape, which means they weren't obvious to the audience either. And I watched it and I saw myself dance beautifully and I saw why people were touched by it. And I realized that in spite of what Barb had always said, I am a very good dancer, and I do have a lot of stage presence.

I miss dance.

I must go now before my rabid brother comes and bangs down my door and insists that I get offline because it's so bloody important for him to call his friends or whatever. Ironically, my current connection time is abour 4 minutes (probably 10 by the time I get done writing this and reading a couple other things) and there were another 10 before that. There's absolutely no good reason why he can't wait that miniscule amount of time. Granted, I did screw up and accidentally left my computer connected when I wasn't at home out of bad habit, but he could have come and disconnected the thing if it were that important. He's just used to me not being here and he's spoiled about it. I mean I need to give a bit as well, I suppose, but honestly, I'm not asking for much. Blah.

I'm going to meet Topper soon. That will be fun. =)

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