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I am the bargain hunter!

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Feb. 9th, 2001 | 10:32 pm
music: Bette Midler - Wind Beneath My Wings

I had a good day today.

Well, it was a good day after I survived my classes. I think I failed the chem quiz... I did figure out how to do part of it at least, and then I figured out the other part but didn't have any time left to write anything down. And I know I made a stupid stupid mistake in my math... because my brain does not function at 9 am. or 9:30 or whenever I was taking this quiz. Especially not on about 3 hours of sleep. Oy.

My New Guinea quiz didn't go as poorly as I'd expected -- I actually did know some things about it and could answer most of the questions. I won't get a great score, but it won't have a huge bearing on my grade so I'm not terribly worried.

But that chem quiz... I miss Fred's quizzes which were really easy. The Prof wrote it this week and I imagine that it was to scare all of us into studying really hard for the midterm on Friday, but still. It was a brutal quiz.

Anyway. Once classes finished, Chris and I went shopping. =) Shopping is fun... especially when it is bargain shopping. I, being sick of many of my clothes was extremely glad to acquire several new ones without spending too much money. My favorite purchases were some new sweaters... because I am finding myself a sweater person and before living here I really only had a few sweaters. But. I got a lovely grey skirt, a funky light blue and navy sweater, a light pink sweater, a periwinkle/violet sweater, a lightweight white sweater, a lightweight dark grey sweater, a lightweight blue sweater, a pink shirt, a pair of black pants and... something else that I have now forgotten what it was. I think it was some sort of skirt.

I need to clean my room. But Tomorrow I think is when I will do that because I am very tired now. Too many 3 am bedtimes this week.


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