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hello hello hello again

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Nov. 25th, 2000 | 03:08 am
mood: contemplativecontemplative

So I'm back here writing again. I've decided now to give up on the idea of writing everything you were going to write previously because chances are, especially if you are me, that you will have forgotten whatever it was that you were going to write, but that whatever it was, if it was important, will eventually come back in some later entry because ideas are cyclic and some other thought will spark an idea held a long time ago. I hope that made sense because I'm too lazy to retype or clarify that statement.

It's funny, but I'm busier at home than I am when I'm at college. Go figure. I got up this morning and talked to my mom, then I went and hung out with Shannon for a while (who, by the way, was an incredibly good sport while I went and visited my dance teacher... and my old work. And now I'm ending up working on Friday since they're so hurting for help there. Go figure. But then they did give me a very nice discount on the chocolate I bought today in exchange for it, so I imagine I can't complain too much)... it was really great to see her again since I haven't seen her in sososo long. From that, I came home and my mom and I went to see the touring version of Forbidden Broadway, which was of course completely hillarious. I laughed myself hoarse. So then I came home and talked to her and some other people (via the Internet), and now I'm watching recital tapes and it's nearly three am.

I miss driving. I didn't realize that I missed driving until I drove yesterday... and today. It's still not my favorite activity, but I rather enjoy it now. Funny how life works that way I guess.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are pathetic as cities go. They're so quiet that it's creepy... my mom and I went to a show downtown tonight and there were no people on the street. And it was the night of a huge sports game nearby and everything. Very very odd. I guess I'm just used to New York by now where there are always people and always stores and restaurants open and things to do. But really, at 7 pm on a friday night, one wouldn't expect practically every restaurant and store downtown to be closed. I wouldn't at least. It just all feels very odd compared to New York. I think I truly am a city kid.

I have rambled long enough now. More reflections some other time.

Final thought: My mother's surgery happening in less than a week is beginning to overshadow many things. Ah, well. At least I will be home for it.

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