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And I meant to dance tonight

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Jan. 30th, 2001 | 02:46 am
mood: tiredtired
music: Matchbox Twenty - If You're Gone

Well. I didn't do so many things that I meant to do tonight. But I did catch up on email, which was good. Tomorrow I will catch up on people's livejournals since I didn't read any while I was away this weekend. But it was a fun weekend so all is well. :-)

Actually, all is not well because I am concerned about my mother, but that will pass. Not the concern piece, but after Wednesday at least there will be a plan and a resolution and the insanty that exists at present will go away. She and I talked for 3 hours last night and I almost didn't get my work done. We like late classes on Monday. :-)

I will get no sleep tonight and I don't have time for a nap tomorrow. I am auditioning for a play. Two plays this week, actually, because I believe I can always quit one or the other if I get in to both and don't have time for it. But I need to be involved in theatre in some way. My life is missing that right now, so I will attatch myself to these things and see where it goes from there. I will also attempt to stick with Minetta this semester. I probably won't do it in reality, but that's what the next three years are for, I suppose.

I think I'm going to start volunteering at a hospital one night a week. I don't know yet, however.

Many many things to decide.

Note to self: Ask Nikki when we find out about faculty mentors.

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