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Hi From Harvard

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Jan. 26th, 2001 | 04:59 pm

I'm writing (very briefly since I should be spending time with my friend and not on a computer) from a computer lab at Harvard where I'm staying with my friend who is very cool. =) (I say this both because she reads this journal and because she is just inherently that way. hehe.)
ern. Yes. 3.5 hours of sleep is doing wonders for my writing.

My chem quiz went well this morning. 'Twas ridiculously easy but I think that that is actually a good thing because I really didn't feel like thinking. I just wish the TA hadn't felt a need to go over a zillion unnecessary practice problems before giving us the quiz. I would have liked to be out of there by 9 instead of 9:30. But. No harm done.

US Airways Shuttle is awesome. Business travel is good... even for a short flight (NY to Boston) they have headphones with a good selection of music, edible food (anyone who has ever had the unfortunate experience of trying to eat airline food will understand what I mean by this), and free copies of magazines that would usually be around $3 each. There were also several newspapers available, none of which I picked up, although I really should have since I have to read a newspaper article and write a scene related to it for playwriting on Tuesday. But. In any event, it was a lovely plane ride, and we got in quite early (almost half an hour for some reason) so I met Jeannette early and we had a mostly pleasant cab ride from the airport out to Harvard (although the cab driver was an idiot and had no clue where he was going) and then had a nice lunch and chatted and things and it was all very lovely.

My heart is not in my writing today. I am now off to do fun things.


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