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time to go to Staples

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Jan. 24th, 2001 | 11:07 pm
mood: productiveproductive
music: Rent - Seasons of Love

Staples is my friend.

I am organizing my desk and stuff in an attempt to be a more neat and orderly roommate since that seemed, at least at one point in time, like a good thing to do, and I'm realizing that I really need something to file my JW stuff and to file my papers. Because someday I will want to be able to find them and will not want to sift through an enormous stack of things in search of one tiny quote.

Tomorrow, after chemistry, I will go to Mail Boxes, Etc. and ship a bunch of things home. I will also go to The Strand bookstore and get rid of my remaining Virginia Woolf books, except perhaps for a couple of paperbacks which I will ship home since I won't get any money for them anyway.

Sad how Money Makes the World Go Round.

Which reminds me of this film we watched in World Cultures today. Basically it depected the exploitive nature of Americans and Europeans who are rich but stingy, and perhaps, are rich BECAUSE they are stingy. The film was really dishearting, in any event. It gave America very very little to be even satisfied with. But it was not just against americans... it was against tourists in general who tended to be wealthy Europeans because really, there is not a cheap way to go to New Guinea.

The film also showed the other side of bargaining. Quite thought provoking, really.

I have far too much reading to do. But, what is the night for, after all. I must do my pre-labs tonight and start my chem homework. Time to get going if I want to get any sleep at all.

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