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so I didn't get so much accomplished yesterday

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Jan. 24th, 2001 | 04:02 pm
mood: crankycranky
music: Bette Midler - Shiver Me Timbers

I did, at least, get all nice and caught up in writing sweatshop. Although now I have more work to do, which means I have books I must go find. I went into Barnes and Noble at Astor Place, but was finding the shopping experience so unpleasant that I decided to just come home to my dorm and go to Shakespeare & Co. Books later. Besides, then maybe I will avoid scary men who hit on me... although, I'm not wearing a dress today so perhaps that scenario is a bit less likely, but still.

Some people can't take a hint. Why do I have to be the one to attract them?

It's only Wednesday and I want the week to be over. Two days until Boston. Just keep repeating that to myself. :-) two days two days two days.

Things to do tonight:

1) read leonardo book
2) start chem homework
3) do chem "Safety Quiz" and tomorrow's prelab
4) find books for Writing Sweatshop II
5) dance
6) eat
7) work on some sort of art or creative something.

I'm sure you're all getting tired of my lists. But they truly do help me and this journal is for me, is it not?

I think I'm going to spend $15 at the store next door because I think I can get 3 sweaters there for that price which is a really good price for 3 sweaters and I'm really sick of a lot of my present clothing and I have decided that I love sweaters. So perhaps we will have to go and do a bit of shopping.

I need a job.

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