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the network is being belligerent

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Jan. 21st, 2001 | 06:34 pm
mood: frustratedfrustrated
music: Celine Dion - The Power of Love

the title expresses most of my present frustrations with my computer right now. And the thing is, I'm not sure if it's because netscape 6 is being stupid or it's because the network just sucks right now or what. But it is really getting on my nerves.

My computer is evil. I don't have time to spend at it fighting with it anyway, but I'm starting to really miss having a properly working network. It's like, it almost works and then it falls apart for some reason. But this could be really bad. I guess I will have to use a computer lab for a few days... and go bother the Res-NET people tomorrow.


My father is here to take me to dinner. Wish me luck. I need to put on pants. Instead of my skirt.

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