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time for a new fun survey. Because I am a survey fiend.

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Jan. 18th, 2001 | 03:41 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Doug Storm - One Song Glory

I like the word fiend. It is a nice word. Actually it is not nice, but it sounds fun. fiend fiend fiend.

I am a dork.

01 full name: Elizabeth M. (and then a last name that I will leave out because there are plenty of Elizabeth M.'s out there, but not nearly enough people with my last name.)

02 birth date: July 12, 1982

03 location of birth: Nashua, NH

04 zodiac sign: cancer

05 nicknames: Liz, Lizzy, Lizzo, Lizard, Cucie, All Spice... I dunno.

06 height: 5'3"

07 eye color: blue with amber flecks

08 hair color: somewhere between dark blonde and light brown. it depends on its mood. And yes, my hair does have moods. It completely has a mind of it's own.

09 do you have a crush?: yes, although I don't like to think about it.

10 do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope. But I rather like it that way.

11 said 'i love you' to your crush?: I have. not lately though.

12 what do you first notice when meeting someone of the opposite sex?: eyes and smile, first and foremost... and lately, hands. I've developed this interest in hands. Fingers particularly.

13 have you ever been in love?: why does everyone always want to know that? oh, I can't answer with a question? hmm. I've thought so at times. But I think it was only puppy love.

14 love someone so much you cried?: yeah. But not in the romantic sense.

15 eaten an entire box of oreos?: not all in one sitting, but I've had entire boxes that were mine that I later finished...

16 ever been on stage?: many many times. =)

17 been in a car accident?: yep. Two when I was driving (one wasn't my fault, though), and a couple (also not my fault... or the driver of the vehicle I was riding in's fault) when I wasn't driving.

18 watched punky brewster?: when I was little. But not very many times.

19 hiked up a mountain?: I don't think I've done that one...

20 been to a foreign country?: Italy, France, the Netherlands (airport) and Canada (although Canada doesn't really count since it was only toronto and the canadian side of Niagra falls...)

21 stayed home alone on a saturday night?: many times. It's kinda fun actually. You should try it.

22 seen the eiffel tower?: yep. I ate at the restaurant that's at the first little platform thingy on it.

23 hated yourself?: what girl survives adolescense without hating herself?

hmm... need more surveys. this was was short. But a good one I think. I am going to update 10 times today to compensate for my sickeningly low average of late. Actually, probably not 10 times. But many. as long as I have something to say.

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