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so another day has passed

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Jan. 18th, 2001 | 03:28 pm
mood: tiredtired
music: Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible

I'm doing very poorly at this journal thing. I mean compared to my standards. Probably not in general, but since no one ever comments any more, I don't really know. But whatever. Journalling wasn't supposed to be a popularity contest or done for other people.

Classes yesterday were uneventful. Writing Sweatshop will be as good as writing sweatshop gets, which is really not saying that much. World Cultures is... interesting course material but the teacher was a really boring speaker. Although that might be because the first day information is all handed out on a piece of paper that you can read for yourself and the teacher has to go through it anyway which is just stupid... but they have to do it for that one person who won't read the sheet and will then say "but you didn't tell us..."

Those people annoy me so much.

In other news...

Mom is home from the hospital. This is good. Although we won't really know for another 7 days or so how she's doing... which is scary. The waiting game with all of this medical stuff gets tiring after a while. But things are getting better.

I am behind in keeping up with people's journals. Other people are much better at writing more often than me. But maybe that means that I need this less than they do. I've been getting away from my computer some lately, and I think that's good for me. But I should keep writing and writing and writing because somewhere in the volumes that I write, I may find the character for my next speech for playwriting.

I have to write and act and direct in that class. Which is a bit daunting... because I'm good at creating chracters and writing speeches, but the thought of telling a story in ten minutes, a story that will only be borne along by words (since it is after all a staged reading, not a production), will be difficult. But theatre is a genre where I can have as much freedom as I would like, so I can put the audience wherever I want, even if I make them tiny ants about to be crushed beneath the giant feet of the actor. But I would never do that.

I have to see my father on Sunday and I do not want to. *sigh* I have to plan things to talk about with him, which is such a waste of time. But, c'est la vie.

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