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I'm always happier when I'm doing something

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Jan. 15th, 2001 | 04:14 pm
mood: worriedworried
music: Doug Storm - One Song Glory

I've decided that when I laze about and do nothing for too long (meaning more than a couple days), I get depressed. Not in the sense of wanting to kill myself or anything severely bad commonly associated with clinical depression. Just sort of a random listless feeling that feeds on itself and makes me want to do less and less and less. And then I feel unproductive and lousy about myself, so I think I should do something, but then there's nothing I really want to do and I end up in a rather vicious cycle.


I saw Save the Last Dance today, which, despite reviews saying it was terrible, I rather liked. I didn't particularly care for the language used in a lot of it, the dance was pretty bad and a lot of doubling... and Julia Stiles, as talented as she is as an actress, should stick to acting... watching her audition, whether it was bad cinematography or just her, she really couldn't hold a stage as a dancer. But. It was still a good movie.

I miss dance classes. I miss having a group of people that I saw every week and danced with and laughed with every week... dancing by myself is fun, but it loses something when there aren't the other people there. When there aren't any performances to prepare for. When there's no audience giving you feedback, good or bad.

Classes start tomorrow. I'm kinda glad because it will mean I have things to do again now, but I'm kinda enjoying my vacation and feeling like classes can take their time starting. But all in all, I'm glad to be going back to school. Break has been long enough and it is time to do something that will start me doing something productive. I have to go and buy my chemistry lab experiments after chem lecture tomorrow, since they are now in stock at the bookstore. The rest of the books (for playwriting and writing sweatshop) I will find out about needing during the first week of class. Fortunately, my textbooks this semester are costing a LOT less than last semester. So far at least. ;-)

More later. I need to call my mom.

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