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midnight thoughts (for lack of a better title)

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Jan. 11th, 2001 | 04:35 am
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful
music: Aida - Every Story is a Love Story

no one has been visiting me lately and commenting.

But then I haven't been writing either.

I accomplished many things today. I caught up on email, I got the few textbooks from the bookstore that were actually listed when I swiped my card, I sold old books back to the bookstore for pathetic amounts of money... but then I don't have room for them in my dorm room, I can reaqquire them if is so choose for relatively small amounts of money, and really the only ones I can fathom ever wanting to see again of the books I sold to the bookstore are Plato's republic and the sophocles oedipus trilogy. And perhaps Boethius. But these are classics. If I want to read them one day, I will no doubt be able to obtain copies of all of these books.

I kept Candide and Gulliver's Travels. And the Oxford Study Bible. I am starting a Bible collection like my mother has. I want Layman's Parallel someday. But not now since I don't have room for it here. My shelves are too busy being occupied by textbooks and my many many plays.

I am looking forward to playwriting. I am also a bit unnerved because I don't know if my playwriting will be any good, and I must get As this term. 3.7 is not a good enough GPA. I must achieve 3.9. 4.0 is at this point impossible... but 3.9 or 3.95 or so is not.

I never thought I would be this pathetic about my grades. But then I do want to get into a good M.D./Ph. D. program and that requires a certain degree of grade obsessiveness.

I also got my film developped. Many of the pictures were a disappointment, but that's because the skies were all so gray while we were there. I can't fix that.

I want a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 with a 28-80mm zoom lens. I want to learn black and white photography and learn to develop my own pictures. And I want to stay in New York for the summer. I must find a good internship where I can make enough money to support my summer housing. Otherwise I will have to live in Minnesota and that will be simply terrible. I will die if I have to spend my summer there.

I need to email the neurogeneticist in Calgary.

I am having many self-revelations lately... taking much time to think about myself and about life and trying to discover truths so that I have something useful to write about. As if my life is not dramatic enough by itself.

I need new music. I am bored of what I have been listening to lately.

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