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what's left to do...

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Jan. 2nd, 2001 | 02:49 am
mood: tiredtired
music: Donna Summer - Last Dance

my door broke today. Which means I will have to lock my inner room when I go to Italy. Grr... also, they may have to replace the lock, which they will theoretically do sometime this week if I put in an order for it tomorrow, but of course how am I going to get the new key... and how are my suitemates going to know? Won't they all be surprised when their keys don't work.

I so want to feel better. I'm about done with being sick now. But I think all of the vitamin stuff that I've been cramming into myself has helped some.

I hate nasal congestion.

Things to do tomorrow: I need brown-black mascara, and travel size shampoo and conditioner. And batteries for my CD player. Beyond that, I'm pretty well set. I got the medicines I need, a nice little bag for carrying around my camera and stuff (that actually only cost 2.00. I am such a bargain shopper. hehehe). I'd like to get a new pair of boots, but that requires spending money and I don't feel like spending as muchj money tomorrow as I would have to in order to get a decent pair of boots. Oh, and I have to go find a book about Leonardo and I have to photocopy an article about him from the art encyclopedia at Bobst.

So I suppose I should go to bed soon if I am to get up tomorrow and do all of this before the shuttle picks me up. I can't believe how quickly it's happening. It seemed so distant, even two weeks ago.

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