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first entry of the new millenium.

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Jan. 1st, 2001 | 05:37 pm
mood: sleepysleepy
music: Backstreet Boys - Shape of My Heart

The fact that today's date is 01-01-01 amuses me waaay too much.

I'm beginning to make Italy trip preparations. My goal is to almost, if not completely, finish packing tonight. Unfortunately that means doing a lot of laundry. *sigh* I hate laundry. But once I do laundry and pack clothes, then all I have left to worry about is little things... I have to make sure to buy some immodium just in case diarrhea strikes (hopefully it won't, but one never can tell)... also, I should go to gnc and get acidophilus. I'm sure everyone wants to know about that.

I have been living in my mother's house too long. I needed to buy dishes today (since I do cook for myself now, sometimes, and my roommates aren't real into sharing dishes and stuff), and as many times as I've liked patterns that aren't remotely bloe or white or simple, the ones that I picked are, of course, blue and white and very simple. It's what I'm used to, I guess... or something. Who knows. But given the choices available, my mom and I would probably have picked the same one, which is a rather frightening thought.

but anyway. I feel guilty. I spent a lot of money today and it was money spent on buying things like kleenex and dishes and a can opener and silverware. Stuff that I NEEDED. But how boring. Oh well. Such is life, I guess. Time to go and do laundry. Should I get it done fairly soon, I may treat myself to a movie. Or I may not (more likely) and go get hot chocolate at starbucks or something like that. But in any case, it is Laundry time for Liz now.

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