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oh so sick of being sick

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Dec. 31st, 2000 | 01:57 pm
mood: sicksick
music: Michael Jackson - Will You Be There

I have been fighting some nasty cold/flu/sinus infection THING for the past month and now it has decided to truly rear its ugly head. so after feeling miserable all day yesterday and spending much time sleeping, I have started to feel marginally better... except for the fact that my arms hurt and my shoulders hurt and my back hurts and my neck hurts... probably from carrying that blasted microwave all the way back here from KMart. Although it IS nice to have a microwave. =)

And oh yeah... I have this annoying runny nose where it's not THAT runny but I keep sniffling and I can't breathe through it. So I took a massive decongestant so that perhaps I will be in misery for a couple of days, but will then feel miles and miles better.

I need to go grocery shopping at the REAL grocery store today but I don't feel like it. Because I would have to fight my tendencies to hibernate in my dorm room and would have to actually get out an DO something. So I guess I will live on Vitamin Water (defense. Vitamin C, zinc, echinacea and some other immune booster) and Brita water (which tastes much better and far less rancid than our tap water here) and biozone bars for another day. Besides, I don't want to leave much food behind for the next week.

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