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caught twice in the same storm

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Dec. 30th, 2000 | 06:57 am
mood: sicksick
music: Faith Hill - Breathe

So the forecasters were right. When I went to bed two hours ago. there was no snow. Now there is at least an inch and a half that has accumulated. This is the same storm that dumped 7 or 8 inches of snow on me when I was in Minnesota (now two days ago, though it feels like yesterday because I really haven't slept that much) now dumping snow on Me in New York. I think I have this gene for snow following me... whenever I move someplace there seems to be this huge snowstorm the year that I move there. San Antonio -- 11 inches my first winter there. Austin -- White Christmas which hardly ever happens. Minnesota -- Halloween Blizzard that some people are still talking about. 2 feet in 24 hours.

Adding a Britta Water filter to my list of things to buy tomorrow. Because the water here is just plain nasty and buying all that bottled water could get really expensive in a hurry. Also, groceries. Assuming, of course, that the grocery store is open tomorrow. Ah, well... even if the big one isn't, Fern Cliff should be and they'll have enough stuff to tide me through.

I am getting sick and it is not fair. I need water and lemon juice. If I drink enough fluids I can be healthy by tuesday night. Or reasonably healthy at least.

The NyQuill is kicking in now. Goodnight, moon, stars, snow.

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