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how rare for me

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Dec. 22nd, 2000 | 03:05 pm
mood: relievedrelieved
music: Richard Marx - I'll be Right Here Waiting For You

I only wrote once yesterday. Although I suppose the length of my ramblings more than made up for that... hehehe.

I'M DONE WITH FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My last final, Honors Chem was this morning. I was really surpised by how easy the exam was... I wasn't sure how to do some of the problems and one of them really really didn't want to cooperate with me so I don't know that I got it right, but we shall see. And then there was one problem that I didn't know how to do until I remembered how to do it about halfway through the test, so then I finished it and it was all cool. I had issues making the math work for it, though, but such is life.

My suitemate got an A on her Calc final. I'm very proud of her coz she worked hard for it... I also feel good coz I helped her study and my help must have been helpful.

I'm all packed to leave tomorrow... but it's snowing here and if the snow doesn't let up then they probably won't let my plane take off... and I really don't want to sit at JFK airport for several hours tomorrow. That really won't be the best of times. Of course, flying when it's snowing like this would probably be a bad idea because of the lack of visibility, but still. I want to get home. So hopefully the snow will stop by 6 am or so. That way it'll be fine for me to fly.

I do rather like snow, though... it's very pretty... and it covers everything with sort of a white gloss that makes the whole world just look clean. Until they put the sand down.

I am going to find something fun to do tonight. I do'nt know what yet, but it will most certainly be fun. Because I deserve it.

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