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Academic Uses of Web 2.0

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Aug. 30th, 2007 | 02:24 pm
location: 488 Minor Hall, Berkeley, CA
mood: busybusy

I love the beginning of new semesters... they feel like fresh, clean slates that are waiting to be filled with work and progress and so on. And a surrounding energy of returned students hurrying from class to class, studious types hard at work all around. It's a nice feeling.

For me, the big event in the upcoming semester will be my qualifying exam. I have a committee, now, provided I fill out the proper paperwork and the Dean of Graduate Studies or someone with some similar title approves said committee of great people with whom I'm pretty sure I'll be able to work well and from whom I expect to learn a great deal.

I started another livejournal to document the process (and to just generally keep my thoughts on vision and vision science organized). jumbledfeatures is intended to be a list of references combined with notes, questions and objections that will be compiled over time. I figure tagging will make readings essentially searchable in the way I want to search them, important as I am finding more and more as I write things that I remember vaguely something that I've read somewhere and end up making a number of notes to myself in my documents about needing to go hunt down a reference. That and the collection of "sticky notes" on my desktop (how I've been organizing such things to date) is getting just a bit overwhelming.

I'm starting to amass a large enough collection of articles about a large enough collection of areas that I can't keep the names and dates straight anymore. Or remember which articles belong to which projects. So my new method of organization.

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