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Words to remember

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Aug. 20th, 2007 | 11:16 pm
location: my light blue desk chair
mood: contemplativecontemplative

This just turned up on playlist... it fits, now.

Don't give up your dream
Even though you may be thinking it never will come true
Life has its own ideas of how things come about
And if you just hang in there,
Life is gonna work it out

Help is on the way
From places you don't know about today
From friends you may not have met yet
Believe me when I say I know
Help is on the way

You don't have to know
Where the path you're on is leading
You just have to walk along
Dreaming as you go
Asking for the things you're needing
You never can go wrong
If you have faith that things are happening as they should
Then just believe each step you take
Is leading you to something good

So open your heart
Open your mind
No matter how you've tried and failed
Tomorrow you could turn and find
That help is on the way
From places you don't know about today

Good reminder to self to be a little more patient with life. I'm very used to operating on the idea that I can and should create my own destiny. But the best things in my life have often happened almost as whims and afterthoughts.

On an unrelated note, apparently art supplies packed in flat metal containers resemble explosives in the eyes of airport security scanners.

Travel today was remarkably annoying.

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