July 8th, 2005


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Must... do... work...

I feel very unproductive lately. Or rather, I feel productive in a lot of directions that have nothing to do with work, which is about the same thing.

But. I will do much work tonight and schedule meeting for next week and remind myself that in the wake of everything else that's going on, perhaps I'm not actually doing that badly. I just kick myself when I know I'd set certain deadlines for myself and then missed them and missed them by a lot.

On the other hand, my mom is sicker than I'd like to admit, and that's made a bigger difference to my productivity than I'd like to admit.

And now, back to reading journal articles.

In other news, in a recent surge of creative energy, I've decided that instead of wasting a lot of time staring at the same websites over and over again, I am going to put energy into writing more frequently, here and in other places.

With the new "tags" feature, it seems like I could write about dance here and just tag entries with dance... but the idea of starting a separate journal about my various and assorted dance adventures seems like a pleasant undertaking as well -- I am not sure why it seems, today, to be desirable to compartmentalize my writing in this way, but many do it, and I think it will help me to have focus and direction, which is something I feel I've been lacking recently.

And now. To work with me. No more mental practicing of tango routine. :-P
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