January 11th, 2001


midnight thoughts (for lack of a better title)

no one has been visiting me lately and commenting.

But then I haven't been writing either.

I accomplished many things today. I caught up on email, I got the few textbooks from the bookstore that were actually listed when I swiped my card, I sold old books back to the bookstore for pathetic amounts of money... but then I don't have room for them in my dorm room, I can reaqquire them if is so choose for relatively small amounts of money, and really the only ones I can fathom ever wanting to see again of the books I sold to the bookstore are Plato's republic and the sophocles oedipus trilogy. And perhaps Boethius. But these are classics. If I want to read them one day, I will no doubt be able to obtain copies of all of these books.

I kept Candide and Gulliver's Travels. And the Oxford Study Bible. I am starting a Bible collection like my mother has. I want Layman's Parallel someday. But not now since I don't have room for it here. My shelves are too busy being occupied by textbooks and my many many plays.

I am looking forward to playwriting. I am also a bit unnerved because I don't know if my playwriting will be any good, and I must get As this term. 3.7 is not a good enough GPA. I must achieve 3.9. 4.0 is at this point impossible... but 3.9 or 3.95 or so is not.

I never thought I would be this pathetic about my grades. But then I do want to get into a good M.D./Ph. D. program and that requires a certain degree of grade obsessiveness.

I also got my film developped. Many of the pictures were a disappointment, but that's because the skies were all so gray while we were there. I can't fix that.

I want a Canon EOS Rebel 2000 with a 28-80mm zoom lens. I want to learn black and white photography and learn to develop my own pictures. And I want to stay in New York for the summer. I must find a good internship where I can make enough money to support my summer housing. Otherwise I will have to live in Minnesota and that will be simply terrible. I will die if I have to spend my summer there.

I need to email the neurogeneticist in Calgary.

I am having many self-revelations lately... taking much time to think about myself and about life and trying to discover truths so that I have something useful to write about. As if my life is not dramatic enough by itself.

I need new music. I am bored of what I have been listening to lately.
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I do not feel like doing anything...

I have things I should do today and I don't feel like doing a single one of them. But I really should... I'm so behind... I haven't even unpacked yet. Sad, no?


I hate coming back from places with dramatically different time zones... it seriously screws up my time schedule.

Spring term starts too soon already. I'm kinda ready but kinda not.

I really need to clean in here today. Jaque deserves to come home to a decently clean apartment, which, right now, the apartment is not... given that I haven't even unpacked yet.

I have many things to write, but I will write them later because more important things (food, etc) are taking precedence right now.
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a decision.

I have decided not to be productive today.

It feels weird to have decided to basically intentionally waste a day... and of course, in my own inimitable fashion I will probably do something useful. Just not anything that requires going anywhere.

I think I will unpack... and maybe if I get really ambitious I will walk a few blocks to find wrapping paper and wrap the presents I brought back for people from Florence. Oh and I really must clean my dorm room. Because it is now an unexcuseable mess... so that must be fixed.

I tried to find stuff on the community service website, but the site wasn't working. Neither was the office of student activities (well it sort of was, but not very well). Blaah.
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