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wanting to write with nothing to say

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Dec. 19th, 2000 | 06:27 pm
mood: blahblah
music: Donna Summer - Last Dance

I have absolutely nothing to say. Which is rare for me. I am usually the sort of person who has opinions on all sorts of things and thoughts that I don't share on many many more.

Right now, all I can think about are finals and my star wars desktop theme. I wonder what that says about me.

Ugh. I feel so very ... boring. As if it is an extremely arrogant thing to be putting my life on the web and assuming people actually want to know about it... that people actually care. (I know there are those out there who do, but still. It's like, what gives me the right to take up this space in cyberspace on some computer someplace with the dull existance of my life?)

Books to read by Thursday Morning:

Gulliver's Travels (a little over half-finished)
Rosseau's Social Contract
Federalist papers number 11, 15, 45 and 78 (I believe).

I must get going or I shall never finish. Oh and somewhere in there I should study chemistry as well. But that can, if necessary, wait until Thursday afternoon/evening.

3 days from now this will all be over. I just need to remember that, I think. ;-)

And two weeks from now is Italy. It all seems to be happening so fast.

Oh, and by the way. My cursor looks like a lightsabre, and that is just cooler than you will ever understand. =)

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Comments {2}

(no subject)

from: anonymous
date: Dec. 19th, 2000 06:15 pm (UTC)

you're not arrogant. your journal rules =) and i enjoy reading your opinions, even if they're on star wars themes!! haha =)

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from: stellae
date: Dec. 20th, 2000 12:48 pm (UTC)

ain't nothin wrong with star wars themse, thank you. ;-) And your journal rules, too. :-)

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