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I'm finished.

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Dec. 18th, 2000 | 03:14 am
mood: peacefulpeaceful

It's a piece of crap and I'm terribly unhappy with it, but I'm finished. It's also only about 1600 words... but then 2000 was a maximum, and if the new york times can review this book, in its entirety in 750 words, 1600 is plenty for only having had to have read about half of it.

There is a reason I have no interest in reviewing books for a living.

But. It is 3 am and I am finished, and I merely have to turn this paper in and I am done with Virginia Woolf forever. Well, perhaps not forever, but hopefully I will not have to take another class that insists I read her writings. My next goal is to sell as many of her books back to the bookstore as I possibly can.

I remember when I used to think 1500 words was a lot. Now I write it in at most two or three hours. I could have made this paper into the full 2000 words, but I believe I have said all that needs to be said that I thought of to say, and there is no sense in adding too much extraneous fluff.

1000 words would have been a more realistic word limit given the idea of writing for the Village Voice book review or New York Times book review, but that gets into all sorts of hefty semantics or some similar an equally irritating debate.

I must clean my room again tomorrow. It has sunk into a rather disasterous state in the past couple of days just because i have been too lazy to properly put away clothing... that and I scattered papers everywhere searching for my Village Voice book review which I never found and therefore ended up reading on the Internet. Ah, we love computers.

Tomorrow's goal: Study for chem lab final by rereading notes in Bobst. Take Final. Do well.

If I'm not too braindead, I may go to a show tomorrow night. Except it's Monday so not much will be playing, but we shall see. I am hoping to take my chem final on Tuesday, so that I am finished with everything on thursday. As of now, I see no reason that I can't be prepared for taking a chem final on tuesday, but that may change when I try to study for it. I am such a pathetic student sometimes. I really do not deserve the good grades that I get. It's like, I turn in stuff that I think is garbage and that I am not proud of, and still I cannot fathom getting a C on something. How frightening is that?

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