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mmmm.... Mountains...

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Jul. 18th, 2006 | 12:45 am
location: Zurich, Switzerland
mood: thoughtfulthoughtful

On the train from Salzburg to Zurich today, I found myself gazing up at the most incredible mountains I have ever seen and suddenly having a terribly strong desire to climb them (despite knowing next to nothing about backpacking or mountain climbing. But I can always learn. =)). Or ski them. Or both. Something, anything, involving me being closer to those mountains that a view from a train window.

I wish I fell in love with people the way I fall in love with places -- no fears, no reserves, no doubts, no second thoughts, no wondering if I do or if I don't or what is love really, anyway?... just utter awe and adoration.

Events of the day have left me thinking about people and relationships... why some seem to have endless room to grow and others seem like a dead end. For me, the people I grow with are intense and passionate -- maybe not about everything, but about something. I find out I like most things when I try them (except bananas. I've tried them many times and I really dislike them for some reason), but a lot of that is from doing them with people that I like who are really enthusiastic about whatever new thing it is I'm trying... I get carried along in the enthusiasm and find myself interested as well. I concluded that I need someone who lives life as passionately, preferably moreso, than I do (and has passions that are different from mine). I am often one to broaden the worlds of others... I want to be with someone who also broadens mine.

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