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Hello hello again shboom I'm hopin we meet again

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Dec. 16th, 2000 | 11:44 pm
mood: busybusy
music: Nikki French - Total Eclipse of the heart

I don't know where that came from. I mean, I know the song, but I don't know what borought that line into my head. But I guess it works.

I have come to the conclusion that my wall falls down when my dorm room gets too warm because the stickytack that holds it up melts.

I saw Alvin Ailey tonight. It was very good... a nice break. I was going to go to Jekyll and Hyde, but then I didn't. So maybe I'll go on Wednesday, depending on when I'm seeing the movie with Pei. Or else I'll just brave things and go on the 30th. (after all, I'll be in New York with nothing better to do).

I'm getting almost too comfortable having all of my stuff in half a room. This is a bit scary, in a way. That and the fact that I can imagine myself being perfectly content to live the rest of my life in a fairly small apartmet. So long as it has a window.

my nails were just getting to the right length and then they started breaking so I had to clip them. wah.

I'm considering getting a new york p.o. box... that way I will have such benefits as mail forwarding and not having to switch my mailing address every time I move, which, over the next four years could be a considerable number of times.

the clock said it was 11:13 when I came in and I thought "I should start working on Virginia Woolf now, since I will really be kicking myself if I have to write a paper on a book I haven't read tomorrow." It is now 11:53 and all I've done is take off my coat, clip my nails and write this. And it feels like no time has gone by. All hail the mistress of procrastination.

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