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Between Written and Digital

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Jan. 3rd, 2006 | 10:49 pm

I joined a community recently wherein a whole mess of people (2,000 or more) agreed to start paper journals in which we will write every day in 2006, and like everyone in that community, I started my paper journal. I'm enjoying the project, thus far... it's forcing me to take a little bit of time out for me, time to reflect and create, which is something I tend to lack or forget to give myself in the chaos of my everyday life. It's proving a very interesting experience.

The following is x-posted to embodiment.

I'm finding it interesting how for the first time in my life, I'm having a writing experience wherein the writing is taking on a life of its own and it's not the sort of thing I feel I'm perpetually controlling and directing. My journal, because of what its book is like (and I have seen this book in Urban Outfitters for ages and wanted it and then said to myself 'but I don't use blank journals' and am so glad to finally have an excuse to use one) has taken on a life of short entries of a sort of encapsulated thought or lesson of the day, with art on the facing page. I'm behind in my creation of artwork, but, at least I am writing every day.

It is also interesting to me that when I don't limit my space, such as when I write in my livejournal, I tend to write about people as much as I write about myself -- I'm somewhat introspective, but I include a lot more of the backstory -- who I was with, what we were doing, etc., etc. When writing in my paper journal, I stay more self-focused -- lessons learned, room to improve, etc.

I supppose I am having a realization that my livejournal is becoming as much a dialogue between myself and the audience I know is there reading as it is a record of what things were really like at some time in my life. It's an interesting experience, to say the least.

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