Liz (stellae) wrote,

Glad I'm at Berkeley

Given that the NYU Grad Students are now on strike, I'm very glad that I chose Berkeley.

That and it's the middle of November and I'm wearing jeans and a lightweight shirt. I don't think native Californians really appreciate how cool this is... but 13 years of living with months of heavy snow and slush and no sun to speak of as I did causes me to continue to marvel at good weather.

Case in point: Conversation excerpt from lunch on Friday, which was eaten outside around 12:30 - 1 pm.

T: You can tell it's winter. The sun's not as strong.
L: Uhhh... you decide winter by the sun being less strong? In Minnesota, you can tell it's winter because there is no sun. Well, that and it's cold. Actually... Minnesota only has about two months a year that have any sun.

In other news, I need a new lj client. Suggestions?
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