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200 pages of diaries to read

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Dec. 13th, 2000 | 03:48 pm
mood: indescribable

I have 200 pages of diaries to read by Saturday (and I say by Saturday because if I am disciplined and finish my reading of virginia woolf on friday night, I can write my paper on saturday night... then spend sunday and monday happily doing chem problems, and tuesday and wednesday reading cliffs notes and studying for my ConWest final... and I have friday the 22nd to party.) I must stick to this study schedule because it will be good for me. I will do well on my finals and all will be happy.

At least I have survived my first semester of writing sweatshop. I turned in my last paper for it this morning, and I was actually pleased with the paper. But that, I think is because I much prefer writing academic essays to writing personal essays. Give me data to analyze and synthesize and I'll work wonders.

My cell phone is behaving very strangely. I must call the company about that.

I need to clean my room tonight. And watch Dawson's Creek. (I don't care if it's pathetic, I like that show and that's my right). And read Virginia Woolf.

I won't miss that class next semester. I really really won't.

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