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Dec. 2nd, 2004 | 01:44 am
music: Title: Tu amor * Artist: Jon B

Today has been, for the record, a REALLY GREAT day.

New ballroom shoes.
Lunch with a very nice, very amusing guy.
Submitted my first abstract to a conference!
Last day of lab tour!
Hugs from ballroom people.
Foxtrot. Wonderful, wonderful International foxtrot.
Dance, in general.
Dinner with a different, really nice guy friend.

I love ballroom people. I can be loud and excitable and crazy and silly around them and this seems totally cool and totally normal. They are a special breed and I am glad to be one of them. And I am oh-so-glad to have a partner who is on the Berkeley team because that will give me reason to join and then I will have fun people to get to know and hang out with.

And so yay. Today has been really great. One of the first days in a long long time that has made me feel like Berkeley is becoming a real home and the loneliness of the first month here is well past.

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