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my classmates are amusing.

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Sep. 23rd, 2004 | 12:13 pm

This is why I love being a Vision Science Student at Berkeley:

"Sam's is a restaurant on the water -- next to the ferry dock -- that's a pretty popular spot for hungover San Franciscans on Sunday mornings. Of course, I don't get hangovers anymore now that I'm a grad student and need all my brain-cells, but I still appreciate some hair of the dog at 10 AM."

-- excerpted from an email about a student-organized retreat/camping trip to Angel Island.

I'm at least going for the barbecue. I want to camp as it's something I've never really done (well, to be perfectly correct, never ever done in any sense -- the closest I got was staying in a cabin in the woods, but that had indoor plumbing and electricity and all that good stuff), but I think I have to be in the lab early-ish on Monday so I can't stay overnight. Plus I lack a sleeping bag and am much too poor to buy one. Meh.

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