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A Question...

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May. 5th, 2004 | 09:38 am

In a couple of months, I am buying a car (as I am, you know, graduating in a week and moving to California in 3 months and California is a big, car-happy sort of place)... and I need some help in doing research.

I'm looking for a reliable, economic, safe car with good fuel efficiency.


(or even recommendations as to where to start my research would be handy at this point in time).

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from: flowahpowa
date: May. 5th, 2004 12:07 pm (UTC)

I'm really happy with my Kia Rio. You can get them brand new for about $14k (cheaper if you forgo power packages and stereo and stuff). Mine has so far been really reliable, and if you get it new they have a great warantee and roadside assistance thing. Fuel's pretty good - I spend about $10/week, and that's with living in an expensive gas area (NJ) and commuting about 10-15 miles 5 times a week.
And on a superficial note? It's really pretty and has lots of cool little features and doodads :)
The one downside of the Rio is the engine's on the small side - this only means you can't go that fast (I mean, not compared to souped-up psycho cars - you can maintain 60 pretty easily), and it takes a couple extra seconds to kick in when you're speeding up (only stressful when you're getting on a highway and an overeager truck is bearing down on you).

I can recommend you avoid a Saturn. I've had a few friends with them and they had nothing but complaints. After the first year or so things start, like, falling apart at an insane rate.

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