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do you think if I turn in enough drafts you can give me an A?

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Dec. 11th, 2000 | 02:58 am
mood: sicksick
music: Goo Goo Dolls - Name

I am going to fail writing sweatshop. Going. To. Fail.

Actually I won't. My grade just won't be as good as I'd hoped. But if I work really hard the next few days, then I can probably still pull out an A minus. Which in honors, ain't bad.

So tomorrow (and I know this is boring but I must organize my thoughts or I will never accomplish everything), I MUST get a real first draft of my final essay finished... email it to peer-types for workshopping (and probably Sharmaine as well) and then take all of the comments on Tuesday and revise into a final draft... which will most likely in the process create another couple of drafts (from second first draft to final, that is)... which I suppose is about right.

If I make it through Wednesday, I'm home free. Not that there isn't still work I have to do, but at least I'll be caught up with everything.

I never did call my mother today. Shame on me.

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