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The latest meme...

A new take on that 23rd page fifth sentence thing:

1. Go to your archives and find your (roughly) 23rd entry. I did question, at first, how it could be your "roughly" 23rd entry. Then I realized that my actual 23rd entry was only one sentence long, so this is from my 24th entry instead.
2. Find the (roughly) 5th sentence. Apparently a "roughly" fifth sentence means what comes after the fifth period. In case one writes in fragments like what I've just written here.
3. Post the text along with these instructions in your journal.

"I have too much work to do for writing sweatshop and I don't want to do any of it."

Replace "writing sweatshop" with "modernism and modern drama" or "shakespeare" or "learning and memory" or "history of animation" or really, "school, in general" and you have my present situation.

Some things just never change.

This would normally be the time in which I would write some sort of lovely reflective entry about how some things never change despite the way in which I have grown and developed during my college life. It would include ramblings about the way that I fell in love with New York today, for the 43rd millionth billionth time and how I rediscovered the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park and would probably conclude with the beginning of list of all the things that I want to do before I leave and then a resolution to actually do those things before I leave.


I do not have the luxury at the moment of the time and energy to write a beautiful reflective journal entry, so instead I will conclude with a resolution to write more, as perhaps in the act of forcing myself to write, I will become more inclined to make time to record the precious nothings that cross the fibers of my brain.
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