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Oh the Papers to Write!

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Apr. 8th, 2004 | 02:08 am

In the next week, I will be writing over 30 pages of text. Or that is the likely scenario, at least. Here is what I will be doing:

* Annotated Bibliography for Shakespeare:
Due: yesterday.
Status: Some articles found, references listed. Annotations... may happen without actual reading of some articles.
* 5-page paper on A Dream Play that puts it into dialogue with a quote from an essay read for class on Modernism.
Due: 4/8, 11 am.
Status: Haven't started.
* 2-page short essay on The Tempest (Shakespeare)
Due: 4/8, 2 pm.
Status: Haven't started.
* 1 page Final Paper outline for Animation
Due: 4/8, 4 pm.
Status: Haven't started.
* 150-250 word abstract of Honors Thesis
Due: 4/12.
Status: Proposal/Summary written that can be modified. Data collected.
* 8-10 page Draft of Shakespeare Final Paper:
Due: 4/13
Status: Haven't started.
* 1 page animation response paper
Due: 4/14
Status: Haven't even done prelim readings.
* 20-25-page Senior Honors Thesis
Due: 4/15
Status: part of methods and intro completed. Approx. 4 written pages so far. Data collected -- 2/3 of data analyzed.

If I think too much about this, I will soon be overwhelmed. This, incidentally, is why I am overjoyed at having a laptop that I can conveniently remove from my dorm room (aka Time-Sucking Internet Connection) and work. And work and work and work.

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