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more new icons!

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Mar. 21st, 2004 | 02:46 am

Photoshop and I are having too much fun these days. I'm starting to actually grasp how the program works and am using it to make nifty new icons and things. (So, you see, now I too can be artsy and trendy and have a user icon that is not a candid headshot of myself. It makes me feel good).

Eventually I will redesign my thoroughly outdated website. Sometime when I'm not swamped with school or something.

(incidentally. Any resemblance to a female human figure in these icons is because they are edited photos of me. Usually dancing as I don't really take photos of myself any other time. Or have them taken, for that matter. Though I did try taking pictures of my eye at one point because I am fascinated by faces in general and especially eyes and I wanted to use it on my website. We'll see what happens).

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