Liz (stellae) wrote,

St. Patrick's Day in New York

(And the drinking sure starts early here...)

After getting out of a cab in front of my dorm, the following exchange ensues.

Random drunk guy on street: Hi, you're a cutie. What are you doing tonight?
Me: Writing a research paper.
Random drunk guy: Oh, well you go write then. My name's Larry. You're a cutie so I had to say hello.
Me: Ah. Ok.
Larry: Hey, do you smoke pot?
Me: Nope.
Larry: Really, you look like a pothead. Us potheads, we stick together you know.
Me: (walks into dorm without saying anything as he's saying the last line of this and debates what to think about this 'you look like a pothead' comment.)

And the sad part is, this is at 9:30 pm. If it were midnight or 1 am, I would understand much better. I guess they start even earlier than I thought here.
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