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Mar. 12th, 2004 | 06:20 pm

Borrowed from Lindsay (with no real intention of returning it).

If you call me...

Lizziemonster you are Jerry. I don't remember how it came up, but I think it's a variation of ticklemonster and a temporary fascination with adding monster to the end of words/things that were important to us.

Elizabeth you are somebody who doesn't know me well at all, or who knows me in a very formal/professional setting. Or somebody I told to call me Liz and you have just forgotten and I got tired of correcting you.

Lizard you are somebody who knew me in second grade, probably from science camp when the assistant teacher wrote that on my rocket-building kit. I suppose it didn't help that I painted the rocket green because all of the good colors were taken.

Lizard the Wizard you are another person who liked to annoy me in second grade with stupid animal names.

Cadi you are somebody who knew me from my early online life of personal websites and aliases.

Lizzie you are somebody who is very close to me... the kind of person who just knows when I need a hug and gives me one even if I protest.

Liz you are just about anyone.

Wow. I have lots of nicknames. I can feel special now. :-)

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