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if only i could be lyrical

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Dec. 9th, 2000 | 03:27 am
mood: calmcalm
music: Jordan Hill - Remember Me This Way

Greg is no longer in my life. Oh. Darn.

I fear for him, though, because I tried to explain to him why women aren't interested in him as more than friends and I don't think he got it. But maybe he did and just didn't want to believe it because hey, the truth hurts sometimes.

It's not my problem anyway. He didn't respect me. He treated me as an object. We had constant failures to communicate and it just had to go away. Plus, I really just don't want to be with anyone. I thought I did with David for a bit, but I think he's lost interest in me and moved on to another person. But I haven't really asked him, so I could be wrong... but somehow my gut feeling says I don't believe I am.

It's for the best anyway. I need to get on with my life.

I am beginning to actually feel very connected with people here. I have my whole congregation who love me and actually want to do things with me and so on... I have friends who I go to classes with but who I also shop with or go to shows with or whatever, and I am becoming good friends with my suitemates. It's very peaceful... we are all quite different, but as we're coming to know each other, it's turning out that we aren't that far apart at all. We've had a lot of deep chats lately, though, just telling about ourselves and our histories and so on. And we help each other. My roommate is a bit distant, I think, but that's her own choice.

My mom told me when I left home (both of us in tears) that I would make so many friends here... and she's right. I have made many many good friends in a remarkably short time. Not people I see every day, or hang out with every day, but people that I talk to and have a connection with because we're all going through the same thing, and that experience binds us together with a bond that is unlike something we'd be likely to find almost anywhere else.

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