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Rundown for the Semester

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Sep. 4th, 2003 | 12:17 am
mood: happyhappy

So the layout for the semester looks like this:

LOTS of reading and writing. Mostly reading, but still a fair amount of writing... in pretty much every class.

*Paper/Lab report every two weeks for molec/cell neuro, as well as 8-10 page term paper.
* 2 page paper weekly for Shakespeare I, plus 8-10 page term paper engaging with one of the plays from the term. I plan to write about Much Ado About Nothing and go somewhere with my usual theme/literary fascination of women and power in relationships. Someday I will compile all of the papers I've written that loosely affiliate with that topic into a large book examining the dynamics of power in male-female roles and relationships in drama. It turns up in nearly every play I read that has a significant female character -- how do women gain power within a traditional power structure and outside of that power structure.

End of digression.

* 12-15 page term paper for History of Drama and Theatre I. This class, incidentally, surprised me. It is being taught by a different professor than the one who taught History of Drama and Theatre II last spring and as such is being approached in a completely different way. I think here that different is a really really good thing ~ the other professor lectured, pontificated and made interesting material dull, and this professor chooses to present information in some format that allows us to engage with theatre both as a performance medium and a textual medium... and encourages discussion, which is a very refreshing change from an hour of sitting and listening to a lecture.
* Journal style paper based on research from work done in a lab for Tutorial Research... which so far does not have a class meeting time. But apparently it doesn't really meet with any regular rhyme or reason in any case.

So, a lot of papers due late in the semester. But life is reasonably spaced, so it should all be doable. Somehow. :-)

The reason, however, that I am in such a good mood at present is that the NYU Ballroom Team's orientation performance went incredibly well tonight. We worked really really hard for 2.5 weeks to put everything together and when it all came together, we ended up with a truly amazing performance. I am so proud of everyone on our team for all of their hard work, dedication and willingness to work, learn and try anything. We rock. And I think we really really stunned the audience, which is a great feeling. I think we changed perceptions about what ballroom is, and we had a performance that was well thought-out, well-planned and otherwise well-put together. Much moreso than what we had last year. I'm glad it's over... but the routines will still live and that is the best part. We have more time to work them and perfect them and make everything happen, and I have confidence that with this group of people, things will keep getting better and better.

(Oh, and the dim sum and bubble tea afterword weren't so bad either. hee.)

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