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Jun. 17th, 2003 | 07:54 pm

Okay, this stupid lab on collisions and momentum is really and truly heinously evil.

It has taken me so far about 3 and a half hours to enter and analyze my data. Hopefully the lab report should go more quickly than the data analysis has... the trick is that everything is dependent upon velocity for this lab, so I can't use normal statistics (mean, std. dev) to make comparisons. So I made scatterplot comparisons in Excel and I am going to write about those, and hopefully that will be good enough.

I do not have time for dancing tonight, but since when has time ever been a factor in my will to dance?

Hopefully the worst part of this report was the data... the rest of the questions seemed fairly simple. Sigh. The experiment was fairly simple... the data analysis, however, is not. :-(

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