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Response to an entry about "why I could never date a republican" and other political asides.

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Jun. 15th, 2003 | 11:54 pm
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"While I think it's great for you that you have found your party and stuck by it, I think people have the right to change parties, or even to choose to not align with a party, given that the platform of parties changes over time, and the platform of candidates varies. Given that many people are very much middle of the middle of the road, there could be one aspect of a particular candidate's platform that they really disagree with and nothing in another candidate's platform that they really AGREE or DISAGREE with. So they choose the one that is more neutral.

It's not, in my humble opinion, unprincipled voting to not consistently support one party or another.

And as for switching parties, the circumstances under which people live DO change and it does change how they feel about a lot of issues... and if certain key issues change for someone, they might change. A republican conservative finding herself in need of an abortion might become a democrat because she believes so strongly in pro-choice. Someone who is getting royally screwed by the federal government and feels that they pay way too much social security and hates that 66 cents out of every dollar are cents that they never see may become a republican when the republicans are promising tax cuts. The more distant people are from needing social programs like welfare, they more likely they are to view them as an excessive government expense for which they, as hard-working individuals, should not be paying for.

And the fact of life is that many people change parties when their beliefs change, and for most people, there is some point in their life where their beliefs DO change. And other people never really figure out what they believe.

But that is what makes the world interesting.

I think I need to start writing more and writing more in a descriptive, poetic, creative manner. I am beginning to sound like everything I write is a journal article or literary analysis. The heart is starting to die out of my writing and I don't like that thought.

On an unrelated side note: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix this week!!!!!

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