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everyone's gone but I'm still here

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Nov. 22nd, 2000 | 05:57 pm

I'm here. in my dorm room. by myself. Which is kinda eerie because I haven't been here all alone with no roommate and no suitemates... well, ever, actually. There's always been somebody. It's like staying alone in a hotel room, except that I've never done that so I wouldn't really know, would I?

It does have it's benefits, though. I can blast my music and sing as loud as I want and not worry that I am disturbing the 3 creatures who live with me.

Emily and I are bonding. Not that we'll be best friends or end up hanging out together or anything after the year is over, but we have long talks in the middle of the night about everything. She's quite bohemian and a hippie type person... very chilled out and cool with everything, as long as you have your convictions. She's cool. I like her. Actually, I like everyone that I live with. But I talk more easily with Emily than with Leslie or Jackie... mostly because Leslie and Jackie share holidays, and I don't share that. But It's all good.

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