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Lab Reports

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May. 27th, 2003 | 03:36 am

My lab reports somehow seem to get longer and longer... I just wrote one for physics and even without being verbose I wrote more than two single spaced pages. Of course, there was some white space in those pages related to headings and subheadings and so on, but really there wasn't much more that could have been left out. In fact, I could have done a better error analysis.

The problem with the instructions for how to write a lab report for this lab are that they are somewhat inexplicit. Be concise, of course, and include a specific list of things... but nowhere does either the lab manual or the TA address what precisely SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be included. The intelligent thing to do on my part this time would have been to email my TA with specific, if irritating questions, but oh well.

Also on the gripe of physics lab: my lab partner is a complete idiot. I am praying that I get to lab a tiny bit early tomorrow and find a different group to work with, since I don't think I can stand working with this girl again. We are supposed to work in groups of two or three, which is good, provided that there are people to do the work. The labs are designed to be done by two people, and the particular girl that I worked with last week really did no work. That and she was exceptionally proud of herself for writing down three of the answers in the lab notebook without paying heed to where we were in the experiment, how much we had done or how much there was left to do. She did tell me her whole life story... which was really interesting and would have been much more valuable to me if I'd been hearing it before class or between classes or basically any time except on lab time where a lab that should have taken maybe an hour took the full hour and a half that we were given because I had to do EVERYTHING MYSELF. Grrr.

I suppose it is just that I am spoiled, having always been in labs where people really cared about the work. My freshman year, I was in honors chemistry, which had its own lab and was, naturally, full of overachievers who all wanted to get the best results possible in the most efficient time allocation as possible. Then I worked in a lab where getting work done meant keeping one's job, and after that I had organic lab in which we had bench partners, but each of us had our own lab setup. Even in Neuro this year, the lab was only open to NS majors, and since the major is small, the students seem to really care about what happens, again because the major is demanding and asks for high achievers.


I did speak to my TA after class, and even though we are not supposed to switch partners, he encouraged me to join a group of three so that the idiot I worked with gets a chance to drive someone else nuts.

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