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Of Macs and things

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May. 20th, 2003 | 01:55 pm
mood: complacentcomplacent
music: No Me Ames

I had something profound about which to write when I opened this program. Unfortunately, I have since forgotten what that was. Sigh.

I am looking for a good music downloading program for macs because I would just love to have some new music, although I don't know of anything in particular I'd care to download. Except perhaps some of the LeAnn Rimes songs from the ˆCoyote Uglyˆsoundtrack. Of course, in the present, I could probably stand to clean out my music folder and set preferences and things in iTunes... yay for playing with new macs.

The longer I have this computer, the more I love it. I love my windows XP desktop too, but the laptop is sleek and shiny and new and just works very very well for me finishing all of the little tasks that I need to finish.

Incidentally, I have a hurt ankle and I hate physics.

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Comments {2}

If you're using Mac OS X

from: tru7h
date: May. 20th, 2003 02:59 pm (UTC)

there is a community for such things.

If you're looking for good P2P music software, the program Acquisition is the best for Mac OS X (only).

Go to versiontracker.com, select the Mac OS X tab at the top of the web page, and use the search feature :)

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