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On the past, the present and the future.

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May. 11th, 2003 | 08:03 pm

I should be studying. And at the moment, I am not. I am instead reading people's livejournal entries about school ending and lives changing and reflecting on how somehow, we all grew up. It doesn't seem like that long ago when we (and by we I mean the livejournalling friends I have been following off and on since we were 15 to 17 and full of angst) were in high school and obsessing over which college we were going to go to, and what we were going to do with our lives... now we still obsess over what we're going to do with our lives, but not in the naive, juvenile way that we did before -- we look at jobs and graduate schools and really determining just what OUR futures will be.

We announced that we were tired of it all and we were taking breaks and going away, as if we knew what burnout really meant. Now, it seems we just take the breaks, without announcing them. I know I do.

None of us had stable relationships, or if we did, we didn't realize them at the time... and now we're all with people for months and years and living together and thinking about getting married... and some are getting married and it all seems to fit and make perfect sense.

"The past is the present, and the future, isn't it?" wrote Eugene O'Neill. Apologies to Mr. O'Neill, but if the past were the present and heaven-forbid the future, life would be, in my opinion, very dull. Because somehow, we have all grown up, and become more interesting for it than I think we ever were when the angst of the moment was SUCH A BIG DEAL.

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and now we will fight with knives

(no subject)

from: fightwithknives
date: May. 11th, 2003 07:39 pm (UTC)

what I wonder is if there's still a strong 15 year-old internet-journal-homepage population now. I mean, I'm sure there is, but I'm always wondering if they're as into it as we were, fighting over domain names and stuff.

or do they all just livejournal now?

I suppose I could check that out if I really wanted to but it would be too close to revisiting my dull, as you say so truly, past to see domains run by 15 year-olds like delish.net.

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