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a pleasant surprise...

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Dec. 7th, 2000 | 01:38 pm

I got further on the graded problems for chapter 7 when I started them 3 weeks ago than I had originally thought. This is good... coz it meant less work for me. =) Of course I've no clue if I did the problems right, but I probably did since I got a good grade on the exam. yesss. So now I just have to copy 3 problems and then turn them in. And do the problems for tomorrow, of course, but at least I will then be all caught up... in that class at least. So the score will be 1 class caught up, one class a teensy bit behind (but I can write the paper due in that class on Monday between classes that day), one class way behind (but I should be able to catch up at least a bit by tomorrow nite and catch up fully by monday or wed... ) and one class... well I'll have to do a lot of reading before I take the final.

Not bad, all in all. I'm beginning to feel invogorated... like it is actually possible to emerge from the murk and funk that I'm stuck in right now. And I have an excuse to not see the boy on saturday. "roommate bonding night." He won't understand, but perhaps I can see him just for a teensy bit in the afternoon. He can go see Proof of Life by himself.

Sigh. The process of getting rid of someone kindly is very irritating.

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