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Snow Day

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Dec. 5th, 2002 | 11:51 pm
mood: sleepysleepy

It snowed today. One of the first days in New York City that I can remember there being a significant amount of snow (and by 'significant amount,' I mean an amount of snow that not only covers the ground but also remains there for more than 24 hours. Most snow in NYC is flurries that hit the ground and turn instantly to slush). Today was only the second, actually, the first was during winter recess of my freshman year when a snowstorm followed me from Minnesota back to New York.

Snow in New York is filled with irnonies for me. In so many other instances, I love it -- I grew up in Minnesota where the world is covered in white for at least 4 months a year, and newfallen snow is wonderful in the way it makes the world look clean and peaceful, something that not even the most brilliant of summer days can do. Somehow, winter doesn't seem complete without it.

Of course, if I take a moment to reflect, the times when I love snow are times when the greatest distance I have to travel on foot is the 100 or so feet from a building to a car -- not several blocks of trudging through slush without real snowboots (I tend to not keep them in NYC as they are not the most practical footgear in the world for an environment that doesn't see much snow). Snow in the city is quite honestly a nuisance. It doesn't seem calming or peaceful with enormous winds blowing it every which way, and it doesn't seem cleansing when it is so quickly turns to grey-brown slush.

Though in Minnesota there is never the amusement of people using umbrellas to protect themselves from the white flakes.

In any event. It was the sort of day that made me wish for a fireplace and marshmallows to roast over an open fire. It was the sort of day that made me want to curl up under the covers and not forsake their warmth by leaving my bed... and for the most part, I didn't -- I went to class, but that was one exit from my dorm and one re-entry and the remainder of the afternoon was spent reading and sleeping and chit-chatting on my computer with people sharing my experience of snow.

It wasn't until the storm began to die down that I had any desire to leave my place of residence.

Snowfall, I have decided is better at night, when it falls silently while the world is still and in the sleepy dawn we wake up to winter wonderlands where everything seems clean and right just outside our windows. In the daytime, I find it all much less enthralling.

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Beautiful imagery.

from: arcataengeneura
date: Dec. 5th, 2002 11:44 pm (UTC)

Snow at night. I love that too.

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