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Oct. 16th, 2002 | 11:09 am

Today is one of those rainy, miserable days that makes you want to just curl up under a quilt and hibernate there until the sun shines again. Unfortunately, I am in college and we have class and all of that joyfulness. I am at home now, as I'm only a short 15 or so minute walk from the "campus" and I have no real inclination to leave again anytime soon. Today is the sort of day where the weather alone would be enough to make me skip the tedium of a 75-minute genetics lecture.

Unfortunately, today the professor is handing out our take-home exam, which means that I do indeed have to go to class.

In other news, I saw 42nd Street last night. The show was tired and the audience has turned touristy. Big moments somehow seem bigger when New York audiences cheer and applaud for great performances and great moments. Although I suppose that some of the cast changes didn't help matters. Tom Wopat as Julian Marsh was weaker in some of the acting portions than Michael Cumpsty, but more than made up for it in the singing portions. Beth Leavel was okay as Dorothy Brock, but she played the character for the bit moments and the songs... Christine Ebersole (who won a Tony for her performance in the role, I believe) managed to be really human and gave real depth to a character who is in the script, mostly unlikable.

And there was a line about a girl being a MAC Truck... and it reminded me of Jennifer, my ballroom coach, who has used the same words to describe me. Though she hasn't in a while, which feels rather nice, actually.

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