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now I guess it's my turn... because I'm bored and feel like procrastinating

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Dec. 7th, 2000 | 01:08 am
mood: tiredtired
music: Songs for a New World - Stars and the Moon

I'd like to thank Callie and Nisa for the suggestion to do this, and also the people who suggested it to them or something.

Name: Liz
Birthdate: July 12, 1982
That makes you: 18 years spent on this planet. But mentally I'm quite a lot older.
What is your mother's maiden name: Jamar
Do you come from a land Down Under: no, but I'd sure like to visit one.
Screen name: TappinK360
Can I pee on your face: eww, no. That's what toilets are for, dear.
Do you speak any other languages other than THIS one: Latin, though it's written more than spoken... a teensy bit of Italian.
What's your zodiac: Cancer
Chinese zodiac: Dog
What is Bob Dylan's real name: Bobby Zimmerman. He used to date my mom's baby sitter when she was little.
Brothers and sisters: a younger brother... I try daily to forget he exists. well not really but I'm supposed to say something derrogatory about him because he is, after all my little brother.
How many feet do you have: two. but I can move them fast enough to make it look like I have more. =)
Have you ever been stuck in Lodi: Lodi? what's that?
Did you get the cultural reference in that last question: obviously not.
Have you ever heard the Very Angry Penis Voice: no. Do I want to? no.
Do you know the theme song to Punky Brewster: that would be a negative. Where do you come up with this anyway?

Who would win in a fight?
Emimem or your mother: my mom kicks everyone's butts. Especially if she got in a duel of wits with Eminem.
Carmex or Blistex: Blistex. It's sweeter and would get the audience's support.
Carol or Mike Seaver: Mike
God or Jerry Springer: God. Jerry's method of trying to incite to wrath would give him a pretty bad punishment if he did that to God.
Your ass or your face: I'd like to think my face would...
Hambone or Flippy: who?
Shampoo or conditioner: 2-in-1. All the way... coz it would know the strengths and weaknesses of both and therefore be a better competitor... as long as it didn't argue with itself.
Sleepless in Seattle Meg Ryan, or You've Got Mail Meg Ryan: You've Got Mail Meg.
Bastian or Atreju: Bastian

In your life, have you been in love. Really: nope.
Are you now: I'm so not interested in anyone now that it's actually kinda disturbing.
Or do you have a crush: see above.
Are you always able to admit that you have feelings for someone: you only wish...
Is it possible to care for two people at once: yes, but it's never even.
Do you prefer blonde, brunette, black, or red hair: tall dark and handsome for me, please. Although there are some really cute blondes out there... though they tend to be brunettes who frosted their hair...
What's attractive to you about the opposite sex: smile, passion for the arts, intelligence, silliness, spirituality.
Is it harder to be friends than lovers: Oh yes. You can be lovers with someone without even knowing them well.
Do you know who first said, "It's harder to be friends than lovers"? Liz Phair (thank you Callie)
Oh, you don't? You're dumb: no, you are because you didn't wait for my answer.

Who do you know that has the most attractive:
Smile: hmmm.... Kyle.
Hands: I don't really think of people as having pretty hands...
Body: Erik.
Personality: Matt. Definitely Matt.
Hair: Katy J.
Laugh: my mommy.
Underwear: I don't make a habit of inspecting people's underwear...

Sexy. Not for the timid, no?
Have you ever held hands: yeah.
Have you ever kissed someone other than your mom: no. never. *rolls eyes*
Has your tongue ever been in someone else's mouth: yep.
How many tongues, beside your own, have been in your mouth: more than I'd like.
Girls, have you ever TOUCHED IT: nope.
Boys, have you ever TOUCHED IT: I'm not a boy.
Uh. Two fingers or one: ew.
Girls, anything other than a tongue ever pass your lips: not in the context you're asking about.
Boys, same thing. Kind of: I'm not a boy.
Ever engaged in same sex fun: nope
Do you want to: sorry, I don't harbor same sex tendencies.
Are you horny: no, I'm not.
For whom: you assume too much.
When was the last time you got physical, Olivia: sometime last week.
Did you enjoy it: not really.
Would you rather sleep with someone or have sex with someone: sleep with someone. Sex isn't really my thing.

Pop culture.
What is your favorite movie: Ever After, Star Wars, 10 Things I Hate About You, Singin' in the Rain, Center Stage... lots of others.
What is the best line in that movie: too many movies to list favorite lines.
Who is your favorite actor: Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Patrick Stewart, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly
Actress: Julia Roberts, Angela Lansbury, Drew Barrymore
Do you watch the Oscars: usually.
Do you dress up for the Oscars: no, why?
Who played Prissy in Gone With the Wind: Butterfly McQueen
What does it mean to be an L7 weenie: yer squaaaaare
Who has the biggest nose in show business: Robert DeNiro
Did you say Barbra Streisand? You should have: you do have a point there...
Is life really a Cabaret, old chum: I hope not. That show is depressing.
Best Disney movie ever: Fantasia 2000. Yay Rhapsody in Blue!
In your opinion, what is the best album ever made? I don't know... there are a bunch of phenomenal cast recordings...
Do you have a favorite lyric: "I'll give you stars and the moon and a soul to guide you and a promise I'll never go."
What rock star would you most like to sleep with: there aren't any that really appeal to me right now, actually...
Who ACTUALLY wrote Rod Stewart's "Downtown Train": Tom Waits (thank you Callie)
Are you listening to music now: yep
What: MP3s -- Faith Hill's "Breathe"
Quote a line from whatever you're listening to: I can feel the magic floating in the air. Being with you gets me that way.
Do you ACTUALLY like Elvis? No, but the Finnish guy who sings Elvis songs in Latin is pretty darn cool.

Are you religious: very.
If so, what affiliation: Jehovah's Witness, though people often don't believe it.
Do you believe strongly: yes.
If so, do you mind if others believe differently: I think they're wrong, but everyone's entitled to her own opinion.
Do you know who Jesus is: yes I do.
Do you know who Allah is: of course.
Do you know who Kali is: goddess of Destruction. I love mythology.
Do you know Buddha's "real name": not off the top of my head.
Who was the father of the Jews: Abraham. Yay, I did learn something in ConWest.
Are you sick of Charlton Heston: I have my days...
Isn't it fun to yell out the word "BLASPHEMY!": yes, but TRAVESTY and FROU-FROU are better.
Or is "saaanctuary" better: Yes. Just ask Lins.

Mommy is doing well. This makes for a happy Liz. Liz is tired now and needs to get some sleep. She must get up early tomorrow and do homework. Baaaah.

It's hot in here.

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